Digital Piano Report

What does 2017 hold in store for digital pianos? As I prepared for my whirlwind trip to the NAMM Show – the music product industry’s biggest trade show and the biggest trade show on the West coast – I loaded my trusty backpack, as would an experienced mountain climber. Without the proper necessities; camera, headphones,… Read more »

The Top Rated Beginner Pianos – Upright Style

When beginners start shopping for pianos, they quickly discover that used piano prices are about the same as a good new piano from a reputable piano store. This is especially true once moving, tuning, and repair costs are factored in. The most common requests we get from people shopping for a beginner’s piano are: a durable piano one that… Read more »

The Best, Best Baby Grand Piano

For those short on space but with piano passion, there are more baby grand piano options than ever before. A baby grand can be the perfect balance of space and performance. Still, the biggest challenge for those looking for a great piano is being able to see competitors side by side. In this review, we are comparing… Read more »

What’s Inside That Piano?

Are all pianos basically the same? One thing that can be confusing as piano buyer’s guide themselves through researching instruments is the salesmen’s hype about where a piano is built. The funny thing is that, when most people start their research, they don’t really care where a piano is made when they compare pianos. It’s the… Read more »